About LEARN Lessons and Engagements for a Revitalized Nigeria (LEARN) is the inaugural annual multistakeholder capacity development conference (CDC) of the Nation Builders Achievers Initiative (NBAI). NBAI birthed the Nation Builders Achievers Awards (NBAA), which is the award section of the larger framework. LEARN aims to bring together industry leaders, young and enthusiastic entrepreneurs, international organizations, development finance institutions, professional associations (national and international), civil society groups, government MDAs and all other stakeholders committed to revitalizing Nigeria’s economy. Goal/Objective LEARN aims to support the efforts of the government of the day through capacity building – to improve the skillset of the country’s workforce and groom budding entrepreneurs to establish enterprises that solve societal problems. Our objective is to train, assess and certify 1,000 participants by the end of the 1st quarter of 2020. Rationale Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) are the drivers of major developed economies and are increasingly important for economic growth. They account for 96% of businesses in Nigeria, contribute to 48% of the national GDP and 84% of employment.1 We believe that if emerging and established entrepreneurs develop strategic skills to establish and run enterprises that address our economic problems, we would have independently of government, provided lasting solutions to them. On the governance side of things, officials would certainly perform better if they learned hard skills that optimize performance and uphold professionalism as their watchword. LEARN’s Focus for Q1 2020 § Renewable Energy § Entrepreneurship, Business Strategy and Exportation § Ethics, Professionalism and Efficiency Participation Participants will be expected to pay the sum of N20,000 as participation fee, which will cover stationery/training materials, refreshments, certificate of participation and internet connectivity. NBAI will also approach relevant organizations interested in funding projects focused on driving skills and capacity development for Nigerians. Organizations who see value in investing in candidates as a CSR effort will also be welcome. Under this arrangement, we will expect that these organizations pay the participation fees of their desired number of candidates to participate in the conference